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Every child is expected to live like an angel and grow up happily and healthily. Her mother also hopes that her child can put on beautiful and fashionable clothes and become a fashionable little hipster. Super Stars can buy a lot of clothes for children because their special cloakroom allows children to wear different clothes for 365 days, but what about the vast majority of ordinary people? We also hope our children can keep up with the trend, become the most special child. What should we do? Today’s article will teach you how to spend the least money to buy the most fashionable clothes, if you find it helpful, please collect us!

Search for fashion trends

Here I will share 5 methods for you to search for fashion trends, let’s called the “Night” strategy.

New products of Brand

The following brands are outstanding in the category of children’s wear, we can pay attention to the latest of these brands and capture this year’s fashion trend.
Primary (primary.com)
Primary prides itself on offering high-quality essentials, in bold colors, with none of the glitter/slogans/licensed characters that can drive you nuts — all at affordable prices, in sizes up to 12Y.
Carter’s (carters.com)
For more basics, Carter’s is an affordable place to stock up on things like bodysuits for babies, socks, and affordable outfits for toddlers up to 5Y.
BURT’S BEES BABY ( burtsbeesbaby.com)
Not just for babies, Burt’s Bees Baby offer clothing up to 7Y, and all of it in ultra-soft, organic cotton. Plus, when it comes holiday time, it’s a good place to look for matching family jammies.  
Target (target.com)
Go ahead, but all of their clothes at Target — you buy everything else there, anyway.
Old Navy (oldnavy.gap.com)
With lots of fun styles to choose from at don’t-drain-the-wallet prices, Old Navy is also a great shop to browse every once in a while refresh their wardrobes for the season.
H&M (hm.com)
Similarly, H&M’s on-trend clothes are priced at the “stock up” price point, so it’s a good one to hit up the next time they hit a growth spurt and need a big closet replenishment.
ZARA (zara.com)
Fast fashion isn’t just for adults. When you want to mix up the basics with some trendier items, you can shop at Zara for clothes for babies and kids up to size
GAP KIDS (gap.com)
With sizes that go up to kids’ XXL, you never have to worry that your kids have outgrown the Gap. Plus, they often get graphic T-shirts and dresses with your kids’ favorite characters.
MAISONETTE (maisonette.com)
For special occasions (or when you just want to get something extra nice), Maisonette offers kids’ clothes from hip luxury brands. (It was started by an ex-Vogue staffer.)

Inspiration from royal family

Observe what the royals wear, especially the British royal family, their news can often be searched on Google, their clothes are also very up-to-date with fashion trends.

1. Rachel Riley 2. Amaia Kids 3. Dona Carmen 4. Neck & Neck 5. Marie-Chantal 6. Trotters 7. Boden 8. Little Alice London 9. My 1st Years 10. Pepa & Co 11. Cath Kidston 12. M&H

Go to fashion shows

According to the usual practice, the most fashionable new styles will appear during Fashion Week, and designers will take their well-designed works to various fashion weeks to exchange inspiration and display works, at this time, we can catch the most fashionable fashion by watching fashion shows.

As we all know, the most famous fashion weeks are Paris, Milan, New York, and London Fashion weeks, as well as Shanghai, Seoul Fashion weeks and so on. So I also made a brief list of 2021 fashion week schedules and dates:

January 25 – 28: Paris Haute Couture Week
Paris Haute Couture Week is home to fashion’s finest. It’ll set the tone for a new look on craftsmanship.
February 13 – 18: New York Women’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter
New York Fashion Week has a hard time last year, with many designers resigning or moving their presentations and shows to Paris’ edition. While many doubt the future of New York’s fashion event, it’s still home to many big designer labels such as Tibi, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs.
February 19 – 23: London Women’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter
London Fashion Week is home to some very rebellious fashion designers who simply like to do things differently. Think of Vivienne Westwood, Molly Goddard and J.W. Anderson – a few names who set the tone for the upcoming season.
February 23 – March 1: Milan Women’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter
Milan is one of the world’s main fashion capitals, dictating what’s hot and what’s not.
March 01 – 09: Paris Women’s Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week has been attracting many fashion designers from over the world. And even though many designers skipped fashion week in 2020, we have high hopes for Paris Fashion Week 2021.
March 15 – 20: Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo
Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo has gained more and more popularity. According to Hiroshi Komoda, the fashion week’s director, Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo is “a significant step toward safe, new, and advanced events.”
April 6 – 13: Shanghai Fashion Week
In 2020, Shanghai hosted the first fully digital fashion week. Shanghai Fashion Week is home to upcoming designers and is said to be a true trend forecaster. Keep an eye on this event to be fully up to date for next season’s highlights.
April 6 – 9: New York Fashion Week Bridal
Despite that many weddings were canceled in 2020, New York Bridal Fashion Week is one to look out to. Where wedding dresses became more wearable than ever, we expect some over the top trends for 2021.
To be announced: New York Fashion Week Resort & Spring/Summer
Last year, well-known designer labels such as Jacquemus, Saint Laurent and Gucci announced to skip their Resort collections, to have a better focus on the core seasons and to produce less. Many argued that the fashion system is ‘broken’ and we needs to go back to its basics. Despite this, a couple designers remain to show Resort collections, making us long for tropical destinations.
July 4 – 8: Paris Haute Couture Week
Twice a year, Paris Haute Couture Week is home to fashion’s most celebrated icons. Expect over the top gowns and looks that require true craftsmanship from designers from all over the world.
August 10 – 13: Copenhagen Fashion Week
Cooperating with Zalando, Copenhagen Fashion Week announced to host a sustainability award, in line with their focus on sustainability. Find our more on their website and check out the Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule below.
September 2021-To be announced: New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer
While summer is about to end, New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer extends the summer vibes, making you long for those endless summer nights. Find out all participating designers below.
September 17 – 21: London Fashion Week Spring/Summer
To be announced: Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer
September 27 – October 5: Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer
October 2021-To be announced: Shanghai Fashion Week
To be announced: Seoul Fashion Week
December 2021-To be announced: New York Fashion Week Pre-Fall

If you want to know more specific information, such as specific schedule, location, participating brands, etc., you can go to “tribute to_” to learn more.

Hot colors of 2021

Use Google to search “2021 most popular clothes colors”, usually pantone will provide the news of it. For example, Marigold Yellow is the most popular clothes colors of 2021.
In fact, a sunny yellow color, Illuminating, is one of Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021. The friendly yellow hue brightened the runways of Etro, Marques’Almeida, Prada, Richard Malone, and Tory Burch. At Miu Miu, the golden shade was paired with warm colors like red, orange, and caramel brown.

Trends of fashion bloggers

Click the front text, could read it.

How to find these elements:

Search on Amazon’s list

Sales list: https://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers

New Product List: https://www.amazon.com/gp/new-releases

Soaring List: https://www.amazon.com/gp/movers-and-shakers

Search for keywords on Amazon’s home page

Google’s home page: use the “search by image”

After uploading pictures, there will be many similar styles.

1. In the earliest years, when we thought of this question, our first reaction must be to buy a plane ticket to China? Or entrust friends on the Chinese side to help buy it, but this method has many disadvantages: 1. The plane ticket is very expensive, so you might as well buy it locally. two. Entrusting Chinese friends to buy on behalf, sometimes different, the style is also out of sync, need to take pictures one by one, it is very troublesome.

Use some other e-commerce platforms

to find your favorite style: ebay, AliExpress, Alibaba International Station, etc.
These platforms will also have their own popular style rankings, wish lists, and so on, which can be used as a reference.

How can buy cheap clothes in China?

First of all, let’s talk about the areas where children’s clothing factories are concentrated. The first place is Zhili Town, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, which is named “famous Town of Chinese Children’s clothing” by the China Textile Industry Association and China Garment Association. It has formed a complete basic industrial chain from design, processing, production, to information, logistics, and the supply of fabric accessories. It is the largest distribution center for children’s clothing production and sales in the country. The second place at Foshan, Guangdong. Foshan children’s clothing industry began in 1980 and has become a characteristic industry after more than 20 years of development. There are more than 2000 children’s clothing enterprises in the town, all of which are private enterprises. The annual output of children’s clothing is 170 million pieces, with more than 70000 employees. The products are available for infants from zero to children, middle-aged children, big children, and young people. The products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States, the Middle East, and all over the country. The third place is Shishi in Fujian. Shishi is one of the earliest industrial places for the development of children’s wear, and it is also the earliest distribution center for children’s wear in the country. There are thousands of enterprises related to children’s wear, which once occupied more than 80% of the national market share of children’s wear. whether it is the domestic market or foreign trade exports, occupy a pivotal position, and become a leader in the national children’s wear industry. Shishi children’s wear brand is widely known in the children’s wear market at home and abroad.

So let me teach you how to buy it in China today?

3.BBS goes up to look for sellers. Generally, these sellers are relatively large in scale, strong in strength, and with a large number of operation teams. You can cooperate with them to improve the samples again and again, and you can talk about better payment methods. The disadvantage is that you need to purchase a higher quantity, it is best to have your design team, or ask the designer of the other company to help with the design.

2. Participate in exhibitions, such as Canton Fair, China Fair, etc., these are suitable for large buyers, large quantities of procurement, shipping back to domestic distribution agents. In this way, you can buy cheap children’s clothing, but the number of words will be higher.

4. Look for B2B websites to purchase, such as made in China, Dunhuang, Alibaba International Station, etc., you can go to these websites to select styles. Generally, the order of these B2B websites is 1 hand, one for each size. It is more appropriate for entrepreneurs who are ready to open their stores, many stores still support light customization, which can be customized bid, tag, zipper bag, and so on.

5. Looking for B2C website procurement, such as Express is a very good choice, the style is very many, the disadvantage is that the price of the single product will be slightly higher, the freight will be more expensive.

I recommend online procurement because website procurement can see a variety of styles, customer evaluation, physical drawings, etc., can be used as a reference, here are some tips:

I’ve sorted out some questions about transportation and share them with you:

1. Mode of transport: generally includes express delivery, air transport, railway transport, sea transport, land transport, postal service, and so on. At present, it is door-to-door, warehouse-to-door-based, a few still need to go to the post office to pick up goods, such as postal express delivery.

1. When you meet a favorite store, you can pay attention to it and often go in to see if there are any new products or to see if there are any promotions.

2. If it is a B2B or B2C platform, you can go to see if there are any large-scale activities on the platform. For example, Alibaba International Station has large-scale promotions in March and September every year, and you can get discount coupons.

3. Can go to the website Amoy tail goods, that is, those broken clothes, generally lower than the cost price hanging to sell, there are many styles are still very good, if you can encounter the basic style, it is also necessary to start.

4. Group buying: pick a store with a lot of styles, and then find some friends to choose styles together, you can buy a lot of goods in wholesale mode, so you can not only negotiate prices and discounts with the store but also greatly reduce freight, which is very cost-effective.

5. Become an agent, specializing in purchasing Chinese goods, provide convenient services for some friends around, as a sideline, you can also earn some pocket money. You can find a store with a wide range of items and talk to the boss about how much I buy in a year and how much discount I give, such as a 95% discount for $5000 and a 90% discount for $10000, like this.

Finally: transportation.

2. Freight and limitation: there are a saying, one-cent price, one cent goods, there is always a reason to be expensive, and it is also applicable here. Express delivery is the fastest, generally 7-15 days delivery, such as FedEx IP to the United States as soon as 2 days, but the price will be higher. Air transportation usually takes about 15 days, and the price is slightly lower than that of express delivery. Railway transport usually takes 20-30 days, and the freight is very cheap, but the countries that can be reached are very limited and limited. Land transportation is also very limited and must be accessible by car. The shipping price is low, but it takes 25-30 days to travel at sea, and it takes 1-2 weeks for customs clearance and delivery after landing, so it takes a long time. Post is the cheapest express delivery, and many countries and regions need to transport for 2 months or more. Therefore, in the choice of the mode of transport, we also need to consider and make the best choice according to the actual situation.

3. Tariff: many countries will have a tariff. For example, the United States needs to pay a tariff if it exceeds $600, but the tariff on textiles is still relatively high. If you don’t want to pay the duty, you can talk to the buyer about whether you can deliver the goods after tax by DDP, or “Delivered Duty Paid” (named place of destination),. “delivery after duty paid. “designated destination)” means that the seller shall, after going through the import customs clearance formalities at the designated destination, hand over to the buyer the goods that have not yet been unloaded on the means of transport to complete the delivery. The seller must bear all risks and costs of transporting the goods to the designated destination, including when required

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